V Chen

Vincent Chen, M.D.

Areas of Interest

While working on his undergraduate degree Vincent spent time working in fields as diverse as physical chemistry, organic chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacology. Between college and medical school, he spent a year as a Fulbright scholar in Germany working in biophysics. During medical school he worked in the laboratory of Dr. Dennis Kasper where he studied innate lymphoid cells and their role in intestinal immunity. After caring for inpatients with cirrhosis he began to work with Dr. Minde Nguyen in hepatology research, with a focus on liver cancer. They were able to publish a manuscript related to hepatitis B virus-related liver cancer, which he had the chance to present at two international conferences. Vincent is currently in the gastroenterology program at UM where he is working on a project in genetic epidemiology using large patient databases that Dr. Elizabeth Speliotes has access to, and over time he plans to transition to some of the other projects that she is interested in, such as lipidomics in humans and cell lines. 


  • B.A., Amherst College (Chemistry)
  • M.D., Harvard University (Medicine)