Yuanfang Guan, Ph.D.

Yuanfang Guan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor, Department of Computational Medicine & Bioinformatics
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine (Nephrology)

2044F Palmer Commons
Ann Arbor MI 48109-2218


Areas of Interest

I am interested in machine learning in biology and medicine. Guan Lab Research Summary

     Since 2013, I have written the majority of the best-performing algorithms in DREAM challenges, the largest systems biology benchmark study. For my achievements in the DREAM challenges and in recognition of the open source software I have contributed to the bioinformatics field, I was awarded as the ‘Consistent Best Technical Performer’; as of now, I am the sole recipient of this award. I am one of the very few people internationally who own multiple gold medals in the annual Data Science Bowl.

     I am the inventor of GuanRank, adaptive GPR and several other algorithms that are often used as the reference algorithms in systems biology benchmark studies/challenges. Relevant algorithms have been published in leading journals such as Bioinformatics, Giga Science, Nature Methods, Science, Nature Communication etc. My summary 'The Art of Best-performing Algorithms' is one of the most widely-read documents in the field. I have coached numerous awardees in diverse machine learning competitions, including not just Ph.D and postdocs in international challenges, but also high school students who placed first in the Southeast Michigan Science Fair, or entered Intel STS finalist.

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