Medical Student Education

Dermatology Residency

Dermatology encompasses all types of skin, hair and nail disorders, from the most common skin conditions to the most complex and serious dermatologic disorders.

To help interested medical students gain experience and early insight into the scope of dermatology as a specialty, the U-M Dermatology Department provides the M1 Scientific Trunk Skin Teaching Sequence annually each June, doctoring training in the mechanics of a total body skin exam, transitions to clerkship teaching for M2 students that assists development of skills in the application of medical knowledge to the clinical setting, as well as a two- and four-week  Dermatology Branches Clerkship for U-M Medical School students.

Space permitting, a limited number of non-U-M medical students may also be invited to participate in this rotation.

Student Research

The Department of Dermatology offers opportunities for students to participate in research within our department, based on availability and qualifications.

Other Resources

Dermatology Diversity Pathways Program - This departmental diversity pipeline is tailored for underrepresented in medicine (URM) first-year medical students who have an interest in dermatology.

Dermatology Interest Group - This student organization helps medical students explore opportunities for mentorship, research and resources to help match into the field.

Contact Us

For questions about our medical student learning programs, including student research opportunities, please email Jackie Giletto at [email protected].