M1 Skin Sequence

M1 Sequence Activity


Our intensive dermatology sequence for first-year medical students supplies activities designed to correlate basic science with clinical dermatologic phenomena. As a clinical specialty, Dermatology is very visual and accordingly, students will be exposed to a considerable number of photos of real skin diseases. In addition, students will learn by observing clinic patients with fixed cutaneous findings.


This sequence consists of a week-long series of lectures, an afternoon of live-patient Grand Rounds, dermatology consults for interested students and two hours of Pathology Lab.

Lecture Series

As part of a series of faculty lectures, students are provided core information on dermatology. Lecturers discuss changes in the skin - neonates to aged individuals - and skin pigmentation. Common dermatoses are presented along with their treatment options, with emphasis given to skin cancers.


Following the sequence, a final exam will test students on the material covered in lectures, and the Pathology Lab.


The M1 Skin Teaching sequence generally occurs in June.