Interview Day

Interviews will be conducted in December and January.

Pre-Interview Dinner (optional)

Held in downtown Ann Arbor the night before each interview day, current residents will be in attendance.

Sample Interview Day Schedule (subject to change)

7:00 - Check-in
7:15 - Welcome Presentation with Program Director
7:45 - Interviews
10:45 - Hospital Tour
11:45 - Dermatology at the University of Michigan
12:30 - Resident Presentation (life in Ann Arbor, schedule Q&A)
1:15 - Lunch
2:00 - Final Questions/Departure

Program Director Interaction

In addition to the Welcome Presentation by the Program Director, each candidate will meet with Dr. Helfrich individually

Current Resident Interaction

Current residents will be available at the pre-interview dinner. They will also conduct the tour, a presentation/Q&A session, and be available throughout the interview day.