Updates on 2021-2022 Application Cycle - University of Michigan

Information for Students Applying to Dermatology
Please check back here regularly for updates to the application process as well as guidelines and answers to common questions.

Supplemental ERAS application
For the 2022 ERAS cycle, our program will be participating in the Supplemental ERAS Application offered through the AAMC’s ERAS program. Applicants will be required to complete the MyERAS application, and participation in the supplemental ERAS application is optional but encouraged.

This supplemental ERAS application will be combined with the data in the MyERAS application to allow for a holistic review process. Please be honest in your responses, as this will help us to better understand your path to medicine, prior experiences and activities, and what is meaningful to you.

Preference signaling
Preference signaling is an option for an applicant to signal interest in our program. Please do not signal our program if you are a University of Michigan medical student or if you have completed an in-person away rotation with us, as a signal will provide no additional benefit.

We do not filter applications based on metrics or attributes, and review all applications submitted to our program. However, given the sheer volume of applications, if you have a specific interest in our program, a signal could differentiate your application from others with similar listed goals, experiences, and/or metrics.

Application Status
We are unable to provide application status updates

Pre- and post-interview communication
We will not consider informal mechanisms of showing interest, including emails from you or an advocate, letters of intent, or thank you notes. Please do not send this type of communication either pre- or post-interview.  We will not provide information after the interview about your position on our rank list or likelihood of matching with us.


All interviews will be virtual. We are cognizant of the financial costs of in-person interviews, the impact of travel on our environment, and the potential to lead to inequity and lack of sustainability in the process, and have decided to proceed with virtual interviews this year.  We understand that applicants have strong and varying opinions about in-person and virtual interviews; please be assured our virtual interview day will still include direct interactions with our Program Director & current residents, as well as providing a look at our clinics, campus, and city.

Open Houses/Informational Webinars
Pending – please check this space for updates

Subject to change

October 5, 2021
Application Deadline

November 29, 2021
We plan to participate in the Dermatology Coordinated Release of Interview Invitations. Invitations will be sent via ERAS on November 29th, scheduling will begin on December 1st, responses will be required by end of day December 3rd

December – January 2022
Virtual Interviews