February 7, 2019

Dermatology is Making A Difference at Michigan Medicine!

We're grateful to our remarkable physicians and staff, who do their best to make a difference in the lives of others.

The "Making A Difference" program offers patients, visitors and co-workers a wonderful way to acknowledge a Michigan Medicine employee, team, or department for providing exceptional service and care. Nominations may be made using the online form or a “Making A Difference” comment card (available at most Michigan Medicine clinic locations).

Kudos to Dermatology team members whose “Making A Difference” nominations have been featured in the Michigan Medicine Headlines:

2020 Michigan Medicine MVPs

Christy Vassel, administrative manager, and Milad Eshaq, M.D.:

"Christy and Dr. Eshaq quickly stepped up to the challenge when the pandemic began. They revised hundreds of workflows and made wholescale changes in order to keep patients, staff, residents and faculty safe. They worked non-stop to ensure that the rapid changes went smoothly. And they helped by diving into virtual care, triaging patients, ramping down clinics then ramping them back up, and ensuring every change had sound processes behind them so they could be sustainable long-term."

July 2019 Highlights

Jordan Talia, M.D., Resident, Dermatology. Peer recognition:
"Dr. Talia makes a difference every day with his professionalism, attention to detail and outstanding clinical skills. In our unit, he is always extremely professional and courteous with colleagues, staff and patients. He sets an example we should all strive to achieve every day. I have personally encountered several complex cases where his meticulous notes have helped avoid confusion and ensure efficient clinical flow. Thank you, Dr. Talia!"

December 2018 Highlights

Renee Hartert and Sandra Neesam, Patient Services Associates, Dermatology. Peer recognition:
"Renee and Sandra, you make an impact in our clinic by spreading positivity with your upbeat personalities. You clearly care about the people you work with in your desire to inform and encourage us all in so many positive ways. Thank you for making Domino’s Farms Dermatology a great place to work!"

November 2018 Highlights

Johann Gudjonsson, Arthur C. Curtis Professor of Skin Molecular Immunology, Dermatology. Peer recognition:
"It is a tremendous honor and pleasure to work alongside Dr. Gudjonsson. He has served as a wonderful role model in all aspects of patient care and professionalism. He blends his immense knowledge of basic science, immunology and dermatology with evidence-based decision-making to yield rational, safe and efficacious treatments for the patients. He has demonstrated an amazing ability to provide empathy to his patients while simultaneously educating them about their condition in a very easy to understand manner that increases patient compliance and satisfaction with his care. Thank you, Dr. Gudjonsson!"

October 2018 Highlights

Kiley Tobel, Physician Assistant, Dermatology. Patient to staff recognition:
"Kiley, you are personable, engaged and informative! You performed a thorough and skillful exam, solicited and answered questions directly and respected my comfort. Your treatment was confident and skilled, and you shared your knowledge in an easy, conversational manner. Thank you for all you do!"


Did someone make a difference for you today? Click here to nominate an individual employee, a team of employees, or a full department who make a difference at Michigan Medicine!