December 1, 2023

Drs. John Voorhees and Michael Goldfarb Honored By Dermatology Foundation

Many congratulations to Drs. Voorhees and Goldfarb, whose remarkable careers were honored by the Dermatology Foundation in 2023 and featured in the Dermatology Focus.

Dr. John J. Voorhees was awarded the 2023 Dermatology Foundation Distinguished Service Medallion--the highest honor the Foundation confers on a colleague in recognition of exemplary leadership and service to the specialty of dermatology. Dr. Voorhees is one of only seven dermatologists in the Foundation’s 60-year history to receive this honor. (Read more)

Dr. Michael T. Goldfarb received the 2023 Dermatology Foundation Practitioner of the Year Award for his outstanding record of private practice, professional leadership and exemplary commitment excellence. This annual award recognizes a practitioner who skillfully blends their professional activities with an enduring commitment to being a dermatologist and providing the best possible clinical service to each patient. (Read More)