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Aging Skin Clinical Studies

The effects of dietary fish oil supplementation on skin biology of the elderly

Enrollment status: Open

Fish oil supplements are one of the most commonly used supplements and can be purchased from grocery stores. Previous studies have suggested that fish oil supplementation might benefit skin health, such as reducing sunburn and the likelihood of developing skin cancers. Skin becomes thin, wrinkled and fragile during aging. The aged skin is also dry and more likely to have wound healing problems. It is desirable to improve the skin quality in older adults. A recent University of Michigan study has indicated that fish oil intake might improve skin quality of older adults. The purpose of this study is to determine the potential differences in the skin of people who take fish oil versus soybean oil pills. Soybean pills are used as control. The information obtained from this study will enhance our understanding of how fish oil intake affects skin.

Study coordinator: Nicole Nechiporchik, (734) 936-7519 or
Please reference Derm #: 683

Skin Barrier Dysfunction and the Role of Skin Barrier Restoration on Cutaneous and Systemic Inflammation in the Aged Population 

Enrollment status: Open

The purpose of this study is to better understand the difference between the skin of older people and younger people. Studies have found that, as we age, there is more inflammation in our bodies, and part of this inflammation might come from the skin. The skin acts as a protective barrier to keep things out of our bodies while keeping some things like moisture inside our bodies. As we age, the protective barrier tends to break down, which can cause dryness of the skin and inflammation in our skin and our bodies. Studies in mice have shown that applying moisturizing creams and lotions can restore the protective barrier of our skin and decrease inflammation. We want to see if this is true in humans by measuring levels of skin dryness/moisture and by taking skin biopsies and blood samples to measure inflammation before and after 10-30 days of moisturizer use in older participants and younger participants.

Study coordinator: Nicole Nechiporchik, (734) 936-7519 or
Please reference Derm #: 719