Additional Training

2nd & 3rd Year Fellowship Opportunities: VA Special Fellowship in Advanced Geriatrics

For physicians who have completed their clinical year of geriatric medicine, geriatric psychiatry, or palliative medicine fellowship training, there is an opportunity for up to two additional years of academic training in geriatrics.

The goal of this advanced geriatrics fellowship is to develop outstanding academic and/or health care system leaders with vision and knowledge in geriatrics who are committed to leading the discipline in the 21st century.

This VA fellowship provides outstanding geriatric medicine or geriatric psychiatry research training, interdisciplinary educational opportunities, and advanced clinical and program administration learning opportunities.

Fellows have the flexibility to personalize the curriculum based on their interests, and can further their development toward careers as researchers, clinician educators, and/or medical directors.

Robert Hogikyan, MD, MPH, directs the Ann Arbor site for this program.

Send questions to the U-M Geriatric Medicine Fellowship Program.


Biomedical Research Training in the Biology of Aging

With the U-M Geriatrics Center, we provide research training in the biology of aging, and how it relates to disease late in life. This NIA-funded program offers financial support and the opportunity to conduct individual research projects under the supervision of a chosen mentor. Click here for more information, and for how to apply.


Medical Education Scholars Program:

Fellows also have the opportunity to participate in the University of Michigan's Medical Education Scholars Program, a 10-month program designed to further develop the teaching and leadership skills necessary for a career as a clinician educator.