Why Michigan? Why Now?

There are three distinct advantages to pursuing training in geriatric medicine at the University of Michigan:

Social Impact: America's elderly population is not only growing rapidly, but living longer than ever before. Accompanying the aging population is an increase in the number of people living with multiple serious and complex conditions. This has created a very high demand for physicians specializing in geriatric care. Graduates of our programs will have the opportunity to make an immediate and strong social impact.

Professional Opportunities: Trainees have gone on to careers as educators, researchers, and private practice clinicians. There are projected to be fewer than 250 geriatric medicine fellowship graduates next year in the U.S., so the job market is wide open, with work available anywhere in the country. You'll be looked to as a specialist and leader with unique skills.

Personal Reward: There is real value in the fulfilling personal connections common to a career in geriatric medicine. In addition, the hours are more manageable than many other specialties. Ann Arbor also provides a rich, vibrant, intellectual community as a backdrop for your career.

Dr. Alan Dengiz, retired faculty member, discusses his decision to pursue a career in Geriatrics.