Physician Scientist Training in Age-Related Diseases

We are recruiting trainees for our T32 Physician Scientist Training in Age-Related Diseases for years 2024-2026 from medical, surgical, and other related sub-specialties interested in aging research or an age-related condition.

The grant covers PGY 4-7 level stipend (depending on the trainee’s career stage) for two years and up to $16K in tuition costs if seeking a Masters’ degree plus travel to one professional meeting per year. 

How to Apply

Accepting applications for 2024-2026

Please email a one-page LOI with the following information to Lona Mody, MD, MSc and Rachel

  1. Overarching career goals with an aging focus
  2. Overarching research aims/vision
  3. Identify at least one research mentor – we can help with others if needed
  4. A simple email by the division chief/department chair’s supporting the application.

If you have a potential candidate in mind who is interested but not ready, you can send them our way and we can assist in preparing their application.

For further information or questions, please contact Lona Mody, MD, MSc or Lillian Min, MD, MSHS.