Geriatrics Center Clinics and Turner Geriatric Clinic

Geriatrics Center Clinics and Turner Geriatric Clinic are located in the East Ann Arbor Health and Geriatrics Center on the East Medical Center Campus. The clinics provide comprehensive, multidisciplinary geriatric assessment as well as ongoing primary care, transitional care and specialty care for elderly patients. In addition, the clinics offer health and wellness promotion activities, learning programs and community resource information.

Geriatrics Center physicians are all specialists with expertise in the unique care requirements of the older population. In addition, our team includes social workers, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, pharmacists and medical assistants who have special training and interest in working with older adults.

Turner Geriatric Clinic is staffed by board-certified geriatric physicians who are specialists in the evaluation and treatment of older adults. Our Geriatric Medicine physicians provide ongoing primary care for patients, or coordinate with other primary care physicians in the comprehensive assessment of geriatric conditions in their patients.

Geriatrics Center Specialty Clinics provide care from physicians who are experts in the care of older adults within their specialty areas. These specialty clinics include Geropsychiatry and the Neurology Cognitive, Movement and Neurogenetics Disorders Clinics. Additional medical specialties providing care in the Geriatrics Center Clinics include Rheumatology, Gastroenterology, and Endocrinology and Metabolism.

The Geriatrics Center Clinics and Turner Geriatric Clinic also provide a range of services to address specific conditions of our elderly patients, including a Blood Pressure Clinic, Foot Clinic, Incontinence Clinic, Mobility Enhancement Clinic, Transitional Care Clinic and Palliative Care Clinic. A Chinese-speaking clinic is also provided.

The Geriatrics Center Clinics and Turner Geriatric Clinic provide access to a wide range of outpatient services in a single setting, greatly enhancing coordination and quality of care as well as convenience for patients and their families.

For convenience, the East Ann Arbor Health and Geriatrics Center has the following diagnostic services available: audiology, DEXA bone density scan, mammography, CT scan, MRI scan, laboratory and routine x- ray. The new adult outpatient infusion center provides a wide variety of non-cancer infusion services, including hydration and injections. In addition, other ancillary services available are a retail pharmacy, Health Education Resource Center and Nutrition Services.

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