Hospital Inpatient Care

U-M Hospital Inpatient Care

The Geriatrics Inpatient Consult Team is a multidisciplinary consult service based in University of Michigan Hospital that includes division faculty and fellows, social work and a nurse practitioner. With the goal to optimize care for the hospitalized older adult, the team is often consulted for both common and complex aging health problems such as delirium, dementia, nutrition concerns, immobility, pain, urinary and bowel problems, and sensory deficits.

Elder Life Program

The Hospital Elder Life Program (HELP) is based upon an award winning clinical trial at Yale University School of Medicine and is designed to help patients maintain physical, mental and emotional well-being while in the hospital. Utilizing exceptionally trained volunteers, HELP uses specific protocols and interventions to prevent delirium and physical de-conditioning in elderly patients so that they remain optimally functional during their hospital stay.

For more information, including information about volunteering, contact Amanda Schoettinger at 734-764-2556, or by email: [email protected]