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UM Geriatrics Clinical Decision-Making Assessment Instrument

The University of Michigan Geriatrics Center, with support from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation, developed a written instrument for assessing knowledge of clinical geriatrics among health professionals. The instrument was designed primarily for use among house officers (resident and fellows) in surgical specialties and medical subspecialties, but may also be used among residents in primary care disciplines and medical students. The 24-item multiple choice instrument (plus four supplemental items) can be administered to most house officers in approximately 25 minutes.

The following documents include the 24-item multiple choice instrument ("U-M Geriatrics Clinical Decision-Making Assessment"; 20 core and 4 supplemental items) items and the answer key. A description of its development and piloting, information on the reliability and validity of the instrument, and publications related to the instrument are forthcoming.

If you would like to download any of these documents, click on the download button. Once you click on the download button you will be asked to register and fill out a form requesting information on how you plan to use the instrument. By submitting the form you also are agreeing to acknowledge the University of Michigan Geriatrics Center as the source of the items in the survey instrument in any administration or use of the instrument, reports, or publications resulting from their use or reproduction. These materials are available for download as PDF documents:

  • U-M Geriatrics Clinical Decision-Making Assessment
  • Answer Key with Explanations
  • Reliability and Validity Information:
    “ Brief Instrument to Assess Geriatrics Knowledge of Surgical and Medical Subspecialty
    House Officers” (accepted for publication at the Journal of General Internal Medicine)


Reach Out Program

Action Guide and Materials

Complete this form for a free download of the REACH OUT Action Guide and additional materials not included in the Action Guide. Note that all information entered onto this form is kept confidential. We are asking for this information in an attempt to enhance our ability to track the number of service delivery organizations that are implementing the REACH OUT program. If you choose to complete this form, you may be contacted in the future and asked if you are implementing REACH OUT, and if so, whether you found it necessary to modify the program for your setting. You can, of course, choose not to answer these questions, and you will not be contacted again.

REACH OUT Certification

The Action Guide strongly recommends obtaining certification in the REACH OUT program. One can be certified as an interventionist (1.5 days), or a trainer (1.5 days plus an additional half-day). Individuals attending the workshop will receive copies of the Training and Caregiver Manuals, as well as resources and additional training materials. If an agency employs an individual with a background in staff training and would like to attempt to set up a REACH OUT program on their own, there is an option that provides the staff trainer six, hour-long phone consultations. Note that this option does not qualify trainers and interventionists for certification.

Complete this form to express interest in REACH OUT certification