MCDTR Administration

The Administration Core of the Michigan Center for Diabetes Translational Research (MCDTR) provides leadership, infrastructure, and resources to:

  • Raise awareness of, and interest in, type 2 translational research in diabetes and create an environment that supports such research.
  • Support new and established investigators engaged in research to translate interventions with proven efficacy into real-world health care settings, communities, and populations at risk.
  • Administer Cores that provide Center members with services critical to type 2 translational research in diabetes.
  • Provide education and training and to foster interdisciplinary collaborations.
  • Administer the Center’s Pilot and Feasibility Grant Program.
  • Maintain the Center’s website.

The Administration Core is responsible for identifying and supporting researchers engaged in type 2 translational research in diabetes; for developing and implementing Cores to provide services to funded T2 translational researchers locally, regionally, nationally and internationally; for overseeing the allocation of Center resources; for implementing an Enrichment Program; for implementing a process for solicitation, review, selection, monitoring, and follow-up of the Center’s Pilot and Feasibility Grants; and for developing and maintaining a website that integrates seamlessly with the Michigan Diabetes Research Center and the NIDDK Diabetes Centers websites.

Key Personnel

William H. Herman, MD, MPH

Director, MCDTR

Michele E. Heisler, MD, MPA

Co-Director, MCDTR

John D. Piette, PhD

Associate Director, MCDTR

Mary A. Malec

Director of Administration

Pamela A. Campbell

Administrative Specialist Associate

Remember to cite the Michigan Center for Diabetes Translational Research (MCDTR) in publications as follows:
“The project described was supported by Grant Number P30DK092926 (MCDTR) from the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases”