Neuronal Control of Metabolism Laboratory

Coming spring 2021

Optogenetics Equipment
Two 200 mW 473 nm DPSS lasers capable of channelrhodopsin (ChR2) excitation are modulated using a PlexBright 4 channel optogenetic controller and Radiant software (Plexon).  Laser light is delivered via patch cords (Thorlabs) that connect to surgically implanted fibers and are attached to a rotary joint (Doric Lenses) to permit unrestrained movement. The optogenetic system accommodates simultaneous studies of 2 rodents.
Fiber Photometry Equipment
The fiber photometry system is based on the RZ25P digital signal processor platform with Synapse software (Tucker Davis Technologies) to drive optical stimulation and collect fluorescence emission via fiber-coupled 470 and 405 nm LEDs (Thorlabs). Light is directed through a custom-built system of excitation/emission filters (Thorlabs) and via patchcords that connect to surgically implanted optical fibers and are attached to rotary joints for free movement.
Behavioral Equipment
Two phenotype boxes (Noldus Corp) equipped with specialized lixits and food wells to monitor drinking and feeding behavior as well as nose poke apparatus.
Custom made real-time place preference apparatus.
Animal activity is tracked using Ethovision XT software (Noldus).
NCOM offers consultation to MDRC investigators in the design, execution and analysis of optogenetic and fiber photometry studies in rodents. NCOM personnel will also work with to advise on the preparation of animals for optogenetic or fiber photometry experiments.
Note: while NCOM provides centralized equipment and services to expedite research for MDRC investigators in a cost-effective manner, the preparation of animals including stereotaxic injection of viruses and implantation of optical fibers is the responsibility of individual lab members. An approved IACUC protocol under the individual PI is required for the use of NCOM equipment.
Initial Consultation: no charge
Optogenetic Imaging Training: $36.61/hour
Optogenetic Equipment Use (self-use/trained): $20.80/hour
Fiber Photometry Equipment (self-use/trained): $19.36/hour
Use of equipment must be scheduled in advance using MiCORES – Animal Studies Core.

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