2020 Faculty Award Recipients

Congratulations to our 2020 Faculty Award Recipients

Clinical Excellence and Professionalism (AES)

James A. Freer, MD
Assistant Professor

Clinical Excellence and Professionalism (CES)

Michele Carney, MD
Assistant Professor

Community Impact

Marcia Perry, MD
Assistant Professor

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Adrianne Haggins, MD
Assistant Professor

Educational Excellence (AES)

Mary Haas, MD

Educational Excellence (CES)

Meg Wolff, MD
Associate Professor


Eve Losman, MD
Assistant Professor

Special Contributions in EM/PEM

COVID-19 Airway Group

Ben Bassin, MD 
Michele Carney, MD
Jessica Doan, MD
Helena Wang-Flores, DO
Carrie Harvey, MD
Colman Hatton, MD
Cindy Hsu, MD
Eve Losman, MD
Emily Mathias, MD
Brendan Munzer, MD
William Peterson, MD
Natalie Schellpfeffer,MD
Nana Sefa, MD
Athina Sikavitsas, DO
Sarah Tomlinson, MD
Ryan Tucker, MD 
Meg Wolff, MD
Scott VanEpps, MD

Research Excellence in EM (Emerging)

Chris Fung, MD
Assistant Professor

Research in Excellence in EM (Established)

William Barsan, MD

Research Excellence in PEM

Alex Rogers, MD
Associate Professor

Department of Emergency Medicine Faculty Awards Committee:

Andy Barnosky, Bill Barsan, Brian Zink, Laura Hopson, Colin Greineder, Cemal Sozener, Marie Lozon, and Michele Nypaver, Gina Mason Woods and Shelley Osenroth