The field of clinical ultrasound covers a wide berth of US modalities, and it is impossible to master every facet of the field in a lifetime, let alone in a year. Our goal in designing a curriculum is to assure broad exposure to a variety of the topics that can set the basis for lifelong learning and mastery.

Fellows will be expected to master all core topics as outlined by the ACEP guidelines. In addition, there will gain exposure to a variety of advanced applications and be expected to gain familiarity with all and competency in many during the course of their fellowship. These modalities include, but are not limited to, carotid ultrasound, advanced echo modalities including diastology, right heart evaluation, and valvular interrogation, musculoskeletal, TEE, TCD, 2nd/3rd trimester OB, testicular, airway evaluation, advanced ENT applications, nerve blocks and other advanced procedures, and advanced abdominal modalities.