Kwasi Ofori-Anti , MBChB

Class of 2017


Hometown: Tutu-Akuapim

Region: Eastern

Medical School: University of Ghana Medical School

What made you choose EM as your specialty?  I chose emergency medicine as a specialty because I find it fulfilling to see a dramatic improvement in a patient’s condition as a result of emergency interventions. I enjoy the practice of emergency medicine. I have realized that I perform well in emergency situations. Additionally, it is an area in the health sector where Ghana is terribly deficient.

How can EM help Ghana?  Simply put, emergency medicine can help Ghana achieve the eight millennium development goals. I can easily state at least three ways through which Emergency Medicine can help Ghana achieve each goal without much brainstorming.

What are your research areas of interest?  Spinal cord injuries, Sepsis/communicable diseases, and Triage systems