May 20, 2019

SAEM 2019 - Resident Kudos

Our residents put on a marvelous show at SAEM19 last week.

The SimWars team consisting of Mitch Odom, Rob Turer, Adam Nicholson, and Erika Kokkinos put on a clinic in resuscitation team management en route to a repeat victory.

Our ultrasound team of Mitch Odom, Vivian Lam, and Chris Hebert rocked their terrifying Joker costumes to a 3rd place finish (out of 72 residency teams) and won a butterfly probe for the program!

Daniel Overbeek took his presentation on Everything You Need to Know About Hospital Communication You Learned From “The Princess Bride” to win the Ignite speaking competition

In the didactics and research presentations, our residents were also very well represented with trainees presenting the following abstracts and participating in the following didactic presentations

  • Impact of Teaching Scripts on the Quality and Quantity of Teaching in the Emergency Department  -- Adam Nicholson
  • How to Build a Resident Informatics Track --  Robert Turer
  • Comparing Emergency Department Physician-Performed Point-of-Care Ultrasound to a Dedicated Emergency Department Ultrasound Team in Evaluating Dyspnea -- Chris Wallace
  • Medical Education Journal Club: A Discussion on the Latest and Greatest -- Chad Brown
  • National Trends in Emergency Department Level of Service Billing Codes -- Daniel Overbeek
  • Are Emergency Department Patients Sicker? National Trends in Vital Sign Abnormalities -- Rama Salhi
  • Innovative Bedside Teaching: Quick Tips to Teach Like a Pro While on Shift -- Hayley Ward
  • Questions About Questions? Designing Surveys for Research and Education That Reviewers Won’t Ridicule -- Rama Salhi
  • Exploring the Role of Police in Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest Response -- Rama Salhi
  • Using Cognitive Science to Teach Diagnostic Error Prevention -- Rama Salhi, Miguel Arribas, Hayley Ward
  • Resuscitate Your Dying Lectures! Create Engaging Presentations Using Evidence-Based Techniques -- Carrie Commissaris, Bella Shah
  • Building Leadership Skills: Consider a Positive Angle -- Rama Salhi
  • Respect, Disrespect, and Resident Mistreatment: Defining the Problem and Fixing the Learning Environment -- Max Griffith

AEUS Resident Research Award Receipient - Alex Beyer