Resident and Fellow Research Development Grant Award

2023 Resident and Fellow Research Development Grant (RDG) Award

As part of our continuing departmental mission to create the future of Academic Emergency Medicine and enhance the research skills and success of our EM residents and fellows, the Department is pleased to announce that the Research Development Grant (RDG) program continues in 2023!

The Residency Wolverine Den event took place on March 22, 2023.  We would like to thank the applicants and their primary mentors and congratulate the winners and runners-up:


  •  Dr. Carrie Bailes: Bedside Procedural Teaching Cards as a “Just-in-Time” Resource
  •  Dr. Asmaa Rimawi: Comparison of access to procedures between men and women during Emergency Medicine Residency


  • Dr. Ashley Cohen: Assessing and Addressing Barriers to CPR and Defibrillation Among Non-Medical First Responders In An Underserved Community
  • Dr. Shoshana Rudin: Self-Assessment of Cognitive Load and Situation Awareness in a Simulated Emergency Department Setting
  • Dr. Jordan Sell: Accuracy of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Diabetic Ketoacidosis

FOA 2023: EM Fellowship Research Development Grant

Thanks to generous gifts from philanthropic donors and departmental support, the Department is pleased to announce the 2023 Fellow Research Development Grant (RDG) program. Our fall event will be held on September 13, 2023 from 10-11:30am at the University of Michigan.

The one-year award supports up to $10,000 of direct costs per project. Funds can be used for research personnel, materials, data analysis, etc. A broad range of research efforts can be supported, including but not limited to: disease pathophysiology, clinical care, operations, health policy, and education. Applicants must choose a qualified faculty mentor to guide their career development and research plan during the grant period. Fellows must be in good standing. Previous research experience is not required.

RDG applications must have a cover page and maximum three-page research proposal, including a summary of the significance of the proposed work, a central hypothesis, at least one specific aim, a research strategy, a budget, and a summary of the mentored research development plan. A letter of support from the primary mentor is required. Applications will be accepted until the end of the business day on Wednesday, September 6th.  Please contact Colin Greineder ([email protected]) if you or your fellow(s) are interested in applying.