Video Demonstrations

Are you considering surgery? To better understand your surgery or skin care treatment, click below to view cosmetic animations of our surgical procedures, or view some of our paramedical esthetician's most popular skin care services.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Animations

View animations of our most popular surgical and skin care treatment procedures.


Non-Surgical Video Demonstrations with Suzannah Tedesco

 Our skilled paramedical esthetician demonstrates some of her most popular skin care services so you know what to expect during your appointment!

Lesion Removal

Do you have unsightly bumps, moles, or skin tags? Almost all of us have unwanted lesions on our skin we'd like to be rid of. Our paramedical esthetician utilizes the most advanced techniques to quickly remove common lesions, such as moles, cherry angiomas and subaceous hyperplasias with no downtime!

Laser Hair Removal

Shaving, waxing and tweezing can be a thing of the past once you try laser hair removal! By using an infared light beam, we can target and destroy hair follicles, which over time will mean less time spent shaving unwanted hair! We offer complete body hair removal. Check out this video, which demonstrates the neck and underarm hair removal process.