AREP Committee Members

Paul (he/him) is a public health researcher. He seeks to promote equity and inclusion in public health systems using anti-racist and decolonial frameworks, community engagement, and mixed methods approaches. He is a Co-Founder of the AREP Council. He has lived in three continents, four countries, and eight distinctive cities.

Sam Chuisano (she/her) is a Research Specialist in the Department of Family Medicine. After completing her masters degree in public health nutrition,  Sam focused on increasing access to high-quality lactation support and reproductive care. More recently, Sam has worked as the program manager for MYHealth, a research training program  for high school students that aims to increase representation of historically excluded groups in research. In her free time, Sam loves to spend time outside or snuggling with her dog, Lily.

Kristina (she/her) is a research coordinator who is passionate about improving women and girls sexual and reproductive health, and working towards a more just and equitable health care system and society. When she’s not chasing her toddler around, Kristina enjoys rollerblading, biking, and watching period drama shows on Netflix.

Philisa Harris (she/her) is a Patient Services Intermediate staff member for Ambulatory Care/Family Medicine. She is a member of the AREP Council and as one of the first voices or face a patient may hear or see when contacting a Family Medicine office, would like to promote acceptance and equality for all in our department.  She is African-American and loves all types of food & music! 

Dr. Jamison is interested in developing interventions and programs that will improve STI and HIV prevention, particularly in minority and underserved communities.

Feranmi Okanlami (he/him) - better known as "Dr. O," is a physician and disability advocate. He is passionate about creating systems that are accessible and inclusive to all, with a specific focus on BIPOC populations and people with disabilities. He has never met a cinnamon roll that he doesn't like. 

Lauren (she/her) is a family physician who focuses on improving the quality of primary care. She has a special interest in women’s health and maternity care and in diabetes and obesity care. She plays the bassoon in the University of Michigan Life Sciences Orchestra.

Justine (she/her) is a family physician researcher whose goal is to promote person-centered and justice-informed contraceptive care.  She is a Co-Founder of the AREP Council. She is the proud daughter of Taiwanese immigrants and loves any dessert with red bean paste. 

Ananda (he/him) is a Research Professor in the departments of Family Medicine and Biostatistics who uses biostatistical methods to make sense of medical data. An immigrant from India, who made America his home more than three decades ago, his mother tongue is Bengali, the sixth most spoken language in the world. Apart from biostatistical research, he is passionate about performing in theater and writing poetry. He runs a nonprofit called Michigan Literary and Theatrical Society, whose mission is to promote, strengthen and expand Bengali literature, arts and culture through a cross cultural platform. He is a proud member of the AREP council. 

AREP Alumni

Kaila (she/her) is an aspiring physician from Newburgh, NY.  She currently serves as a Clinical Subjects Coordinator, mainly supporting projects focused on patients with disabilities. Kaila is passionate about better understanding the role of intersectionality and how having multiple marginalized identities impacts one’s access to health care. When she’s not watching the Bachelorette, Kaila enjoys tap dancing, biking, and cooking deceptively intricate meals.