AREP's Recommended Reading List

Resources for researchers looking to explore the literature at the intersection of health and social justice.

Please utilize this sample of resources as a starting point for exploring the literature at the intersection of health and social justice. This list is not meant to serve as a comprehensive list of anti-racism and health equity literature.

(AnnFamMed) Conceptualizing, Contextualizing, and Operationalizing Race in Quantitative Health Sciences Research

(JAMA Forum) Distinguishing Workforce Diversity From Health Equity Efforts in Medicine. Crews DC, Collins CA, Cooper LA. 2021

(OSF Preprints) Equity Tourism: Ravaging the Justice Landscape. Lett, E., Adekunle, D., McMurray, P., Asabor, E. N., Irie, W., Simon, M. A., … McLemore, M. R.

(Race, Ethnicity, and Education) QuantCrit: rectifying quantitative methods through critical race theory. Nichole M. Garcia, Nancy López & Verónica N. Vélez

(Race, Ethnicity, and Education) QuantCrit: education, policy, ‘Big Data’ and principles for a critical race theory of statistics. David Gillborn, Paul Warmington & Sean Demack

(Ethnicity and Disease - direct download) Structural Racism: The Rules and Relations of Inequity

(Am J Public Health) White Supremacy and the Core Functions of Public Health

(African American Policy Forum) When Misogynoir is a Pre-Existing Condition: Black Women's Health Through the Twin Pandemics

(Democracy Now) Stop Asian Hate: Connie Wun on Atlanta Spa Killings, Gender Violence & Spike in Anti-Asian Attacks

(Code Switch) When Xenophobia Spreads Like A Virus

(AAPI Nexus) Contagious Heathens: Exploring Racialization of COVID-19 and Asians through Stop AAPI Hate Incident Reports

(Journal of Mixed Methods Research) Words Matter: Calling on the Community of Research to Recognize, React to, and Remove Racializing Research Rhetoric