Overview of the Fellowship Year

Months 1-6

  • Orientation:  July 1st and 2nd
  • Between 5-8 ultrasound sessions per month, at least 3 half day Tuesday US Didactic sessions (9am to noon) per month, »2-4 half-days of daily QA/month
    • Scanning can occur in the UM ED, Mott ED, PICU/Family Medicine Outpatient Clinic/Family Medicine inpatient/ Care on Demand clinic
    • During Months 1-2, expectation is to be primarily in ED/FM outpatient for direct supervision by the US Faculty
    • During Months 3-12, scanning shifts done with US FM and ED Track Residents, EM and FM Residents, Residents/Fellows of other programs or Medical Students
  • Attain a high level of proficiency in scanning in the entire range of POCUS applications
  • Develop proficiency in image interpretation
  • Develop the skill of clinical decision making based on ultrasound findings using the best available evidence
  • Develop the skill of integrating ultrasound into the clinical workflow
  • Attain proficiency in bedside teaching.


Months 6-12

  • Continue scanning, teaching and QA activities as above
  • Fellow with identify US applications with relevance to FM, and pursue opportunities to gain experience in these areas with the help of the FM faculty
  • Fellow will concentrate increasingly on educational projects and research activities.  Research projects should conclude, and paper outlines will be drafted for publication
  • Fellow will select and complete an educational project
  • Fellow will select and complete an administrative project
  • The fellow will have compiled a lecture and video library as well as the administrative resources to become an Ultrasound Director.
  • Fellow will attend a national conference (possibilities include AIUM, SCUF, SAEM, or other national FM conference) with the goal of presenting their academic work