Philip Zazove, M.D.
Dr. Zazove

Dear Family Medicine Residency Applicants – 

I would like to offer a sincere welcome to you, as you consider the University of Michigan for your residency training. As Department Chair of a group of exceptional Family Medicine educators, I see firsthand how committed they are to providing the BEST primary care available, continuing to ask critical questions of our health care system through our research efforts, and providing outstanding education at the medical student, residency and fellowship levels.  

We have a commitment to health in our community as seen through our Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) and population medicine efforts, our community hospital/university hospital partnerships and the broad impact of our Department of Family Medicine. Our third-year medical student clerkship has ranked in the top two clerkships for thirteen years running, is currently #1, and our residents are a part of this education.  

Our commitment to our community can also be seen in the choices our residency graduates make – each year several remain here for fellowship, some assume faculty roles and others go on to private practice or care for underserved patients. We are very proud of the footprint our graduates make in the provision of primary care in the state of Michigan, across the nation and even across the world. 

Ann Arbor is a vibrant, active community, where big name performances and events come to town, but where a small college town vibe still persists. It's frequently cited in "Top Ten Cities To Live." If you visit us here in Ann Arbor you will find a group of highly committed, thoughtful, innovative clinicians and educators, and we think you’ll want to stay. We look forward to having you visit us here to see the Michigan way – GO BLUE!

Philip Zazove, M.D.
The George A. Dean Chair of Family Medicine, Professor


Margaret L. Dobson, M.D.
Meg Dobson, M.D.

Dear Future Family Physician – 

Welcome to the University of Michigan Family Medicine Residency! I am honored to welcome you to this first phase in your exploration of our residency. We consider our website a great first step in the process of visualizing where and with whom you will spend the very formative years of residency training. We continually work to ensure that our residency training is top notch and offers important and innovative opportunities that set us apart from our peers. We have a well-established combined training model that includes the academic advantages of university-based training while also offering the important experience of community-based care through our continuity clinics and rotations at a community-based hospital. Our residents are extremely well trained to practice full-spectrum family medicine upon completion of training, which our alumni confirm every time we survey them. Last year's graduating class is typical of all our classes, with some practicing in an academic environment, some practicing full-scope practice including obstetrics, some pursuing advanced training (e.g., obstetrics, palliative care, sport medicine, or academic endeavors) and some moving directly into practices caring for underserved rural or urban populations.  
What you can’t really tell from our website is the quality of people who work in our department, who are perhaps our greatest strength. From our front desk clerical staff to our Chair, we have an outstanding community of people who are focused simultaneously on providing outstanding care for our patients and educating the future of Family Medicine. I have been in the role of Program Director since 2013, and feel very proud to lead an outstanding team of residents who train and work with us, as well as a superb group of residency-focused faculty. It should be noted that we are equally well supported administratively by our residency coordinators, with whom you will likely work closely when you come to visit. Personally, I am committed to providing outstanding care for our patients across the outpatient and inpatient environments, as I practice in a residency teaching site and supervise residents on one of our inpatient services. We train our graduates to provide all levels of care for their own panels, as well as the broader group of patients we care for in our department. In addition, we also train them to care for our communities, health systems and beyond. 
The Core Values of our training here are:
  1. Commitment to excellence through critical inquiry, in both patient care and medical education, which manifests in our access to evidence based medicine, our M and M (Morbidity and Mortality) resident presentations and scholarly work curriculum.
  2. Excellence in the core clinical skills of family physicians, with role models internally for the practice of broad spectrum family medicine including outpatient practice, inpatient practice, behavioral health, procedures and obstetrics.
  3. Maintaining a supportive community that fosters personal reflection and wellness in the rigorous pursuit of excellence.
Beyond my work as a family physician and medical educator, I am devoted to and supported by a busy family network that includes my grandmother, parents, three siblings and their partners and kids, many aunts, uncles, and cousins. I live in the Ann Arbor community, where my husband is a practicing community neurologist, and we parent three busy youngsters.
I look forward to meeting you!
Meg Dobson, M.D.
Residency Program Director

Top Ten Program Highlights

 Class of 2016
  1. The best combination of training at top-rated community and academic hospitals
  2. Clinics in a more rural or urban underserved setting practicing full spectrum family medicine including obstetrics and procedures
  3. A top-ranked Department of Family Medicine as rated by U.S. News & World Report and that includes more than ninety faculty
  4. Numerous community outreach programs
  5. International medicine opportunities with faculty and residents traveling abroad annually
  6. Family medicine centered obstetrical training with a Family Mother Baby Obstetrical and Newborn service staffed exclusively by family medicine faculty
  7. Several well-established fellowships
  8. A well-established resident wellness curriculum and two block month curriculums
  9. A state-of-the-art Clinical Simulation Center that offers training in colonoscopy and emergency medical management
  10. Residents motivated for the future of family medicine with amazing achievements