Elective Highlights


Residents are free to create their own electives from any of the resources of our healthcare system. Frequently chosen electives include sports medicine, outpatient procedures, dentistry, cardiology, emergency medicine, high-risk obstetrics, public health, pediatrics, geriatrics, integrative medicine, radiology and women's health.

International Opportunities

International medicine opportunities are available and supported by the residency. Residents have the option of arranging their own international electives, or they may choose to work through one of our established departmental relationships with organizations in Africa, South America, and Japan.

Medical Student - Quito, Equador  Catch the bus in Quito, Equador  Medical Clinic in Quito, Equador  Reviewing Medical Records in Quito, Equador


The selective month offers the flexibility to choose a core area of interest to pursue in greater depth including adult inpatient medicine, obstetrics or research.

Clinical Tracks

We also support the development of longitudinal clinical skill development through "clinical tracks" which are optional and support residents in their individual goals and interests.