May 29, 2015

Residents Earn Competitive Grant

Three residents from the class of 2016 received Resident Research Grants from the AAFP Foundation. This competitive grant program awards funds to residents completing research projects that can be conducted and reported within a one-year time period.


Lydia Lee, M.D.
Lydia Lee, M.D.
Dr. Priyanka Kalapurayil
Priya Kalapurayil, M.D.
Laura Heinrich, M.D.
Laura Heinrich, M.D.

Lydia Lee, M.D., house officer and Priya Kalapurayil, M.D., house officer, received $2000 funding, the maximum amount, for their proposal:  “Evaluation of Intimate Partner Violence Training with Theater Performance in Medical Education." Their faculty mentors on the project are Vijay Singh, M.D., lecturer, and Margaret A. Riley, M.D., assistant professor.

Laura Heinrich, M.D., house officer, also received $2000 funding for her proposal: “Correlates of Labor & Delivery Satisfaction: Evaluating Provider Continuity.” Her faculty mentor is Katherine J. Gold, M.D., M.S.W., M.S., assistant professor.

Dr. Gold, Director of the Resident Research Projects commented, "I couldn't be more proud of our residents.  The grant application is a major endeavor for residents and these applications went thru multiple rounds of review and editing prior to submission.  Special thanks goes to Judy Connelly for her expertise in reviewing the grants administratively and coordinating the submissions. We are all grateful for support for the resident research program through the AAFP Foundation."  Dr. Gold also noted that the last AAFP Foundation awards to residents in the department were in 2010 and 2004, respectively.

Drs. Lee, Kalapurayil and Heinrich will present their research next May during a Department ceremony and at the 2016 Michigan Family Medicine Research Day. The awards also provide $1000 to support residents in travel to present their findings at the annual AAFP National Conference for Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students.

Disclaimer: Dr. Gold sits on the AAFP Foundation Research Committee, but was not involved in reviewing any grant applications from the University of Michigan.