August 6, 2015

Sports Medicine Fellow Wins Top Research Award

Amy J. Kreykes, M.D.
Amy J. Kreykes, M.D.


Amy J. Kreykes, M.D., sports medicine fellow, presented her proposed research project “Pre-Participation Exams: Are They Interfering with Adolescent Well Care?” at the recent American Society for Sports Medicine’s fellows research workshop and was awarded with the top prize.

More than 100 sports medicine fellows entered their proposed research, but Dr. Kreykes’ work was deemed best after a presentation to all conference attendees.

In explaining her proposal, she states, “It is well known that adolescent well child check rates are lower than younger children. There is concern that this may be contributed to by children receiving pre-participation sports physicals as a substitution for well child checks.”

 She plans to to survey the parents of high school and middle school students in Ann Arbor to determine whether they are:

  1. Going to well child checks
  2. Going to Sports Physicals
  3. And, if they think that a sports physical is a substitution for a well child check.

“We hope the results will help ensure that adolescents continue to get comprehensive care,” she adds.