September 22, 2015

Katie Grode Recognized at Dean’s Awards

Katie Grode receives an Honorable Mention in the 2015 Dean’s Faculty and Staff Awards.

The Department of Family Medicine is proud to have a team of great staff to support it’s many endeavors. This year one of those staff members was recognized for her outstanding service. Katie Grode, administrative assistant senior and a member of the research support team, earned an honorable mention in the Support Staff of the Year category of the 2015 Dean’s Awards for Faculty and Staff.

Katie, who has worked for the Department for nearly eight years, has made an impact on her colleagues.

“I find Katie to be an outstanding administrative support person with a pleasant personality who is fun and comforting to communicate with. As faculty, our professional success depends, to a large extent, on a smooth operation of the non-professional but essential aspects of our activities. Katie runs that operation at the highest level of competence. We are truly lucky to have her in the department.”

“Ms. Grode is truly a one-of-a-kind gem.  She has that rare blend of unwavering diligence and follow-through, genuine collaboration with peers, perceptiveness, humility, and emotional intelligence that are crucial to success in her work.”

“I think her most valuable characteristics are her instinctive commitment to excellent performance, spontaneous eagerness to go the extra mile, and natural ability to work harmoniously with such a wide variety of people. She is also intelligent and quick to absorb detail, patient and understanding, and one of the easiest people I know to get along with.”

“Despite performing incredibly complex tasks, she contributes to a warm and family-like work environment in our office.  She is generous with her time and knows just what to say and when to say it. Through submissions and resubmissions, she is encouraging and supportive. She is the kind of person that makes working at the University of Michigan truly wonderful.”

“Katie is always pleasant and quick to respond to issues that arise during the proposal and award process.  Her job demands the ability to work with a variety of faculty and staff, perform a variety of tasks and assist faculty in the varied roles they perform as grant writers, authors, researchers, reviewers, committee members, and teachers.   She is a well-organized person with a positive attitude, is open and willing to take on new tasks, and is unflappable even when multiple things are happening at once.”

Katie, along with the other winners and honorable mentions, will be recognized at the annual Dean’s Faculty and Staff Awards dinner in November.

Congratulations Katie!