January 4, 2018

Director of Faculty Development Named

The new leadership role, created as part of the Department's strategic plan, will be filled by Dr. Masahito Jimbo. 

Masahito Jimbo, MD, PhD
Masahito Jimbo, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H. 

The Department is pleased to announce that Masahito Jimbo, M.D., Ph.D., M.P.H., professor of family medicine and urology, will be the Department’s first Director of Faculty Development.

Department leadership has identified faculty development as a strategic priority and in his new role, Dr. Jimbo will ensure the Department’s core interests are continuously supported through the development of a “pipeline” of leaders and area experts through an intentional investment in faculty development. He will work to achieve this goal through the creation and implementation of a career plan for each faculty member consistent with their professional interests, and selected promotional path, that aligns with the needs of the Department for ongoing succession planning and leadership development

“This new position will focus on ensuring that our faculty – in particular the junior faculty – get the training and experience needed to develop their careers in the paths that they are interested in.  The position is one of the ten focuses of our strategic plan, and we believe it will help position our faculty to be successful,” noted Philip Zazove, M.D., the George A. Dean, M.D. Chair of Family Medicine.

Dr. Jimbo is uniquely qualified for this role and brings extensive experience to the position. In addition to his previous work as medical director for a non-profit organization serving rural North Carolina, he is currently service chief on the Department’s inpatient hospital service at University Hospital. And, he sees patients at Domino's Farms Family. His extensive research career includes a recent NIH grant to improve colon cancer screening rates on which he was the principal investigator. 

As a part of this brand new role, Dr. Jimbo has drafted the following objectives:

  1. Provide mentorship to junior clinical faculty in the Department on a yearly basis with an eye toward supporting opportunities leading to promotion within one of the areas of emphasis within the clinical track: Clinician Scholar, Clinician Educator, Clinical-Patient safety/Quality Innovator, Clinician-Leader/Administrator.
  2. Develop an infrastructure for this program that will define the mentoring roles and expectations and a system for surveillance.
  3. Collaborate with other University of Michigan Medical School departments including the Office of Faculty Affairs and Development and Department of Learning Health Sciences, to ensure tools provided by the medical school are maximally utilized by the faculty; innovative ideas for education, leadership, and other aspects of academic family medicine are nurtured and developed; and key mentors and collaborators from outside the department are identified and utilized.

This position is a significant investment in Department faculty and the Department itself. Congratulations Dr. Jimbo!