January 19, 2018

Medical Students Honor Dr. Alisa Young

A medical student group formally recognized Dr. Young for providing excellent education during patient encounters. 


Alisa Pantanakasame Young, M.D.
Alisa P. Young, M.D.

Alisa P. Young, M.D., assistant professor, received a commendation from the U-M Medical School’s Learning Environment Task Force (LETF).

In a letter from Tamara L. Gay, M.D., assistant dean for student services, she notes the tremendous role that educators play in the ultimate success of their students and calls out Dr. Young for her exceptional work. 

One student noted, “Dr. Young is the epitome of a fantastic attending for med students to worth with. Even if the schedule was chaotic, she took the time to explain everything that was happening and why she was making the decisions that she was making…During patient encounters, she always included me in the discussion, and called out and explained notable physical exam findings so that I had a chance to see and understand them firsthand…She continually challenged me and this was particularly helpful… Overall, I am thankful to have had the chance to work with Dr. Young, and I hope that my colleagues also have the chance to work with her.” 

The Department of Family Medicine strives to exceed expectations in education, patient care and research. Dr. Young’s outstanding work is a testament to the commitment and dedication of the Department staff and this honor is well deserved. 

Congratulations, Dr. Young!