April 23, 2018

Welcome New Chief Residents

Drs. Blaszczak, Marshall and Wasylyshyn elected chief residents for the upcoming year. 

The Residency team is pleased to announce that Drs. Julie Blaszczak, Liz Marshall and Russ Wasylyshyn have been elected by their peers as the Chief Residents for the Family Medicine Residency Program for the 2018-2019 academic year.  Drs. Blaszczak, Marshall and Wasylyshyn have been very active in residency recruitment, outreach activities, patient care and educational improvement efforts, and serve as excellent advocates for their fellow residents. 

"I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank Drs. Nick Johnson, Leigh Morrison and Tim Tellez for their excellent leadership over the last year.  Their contributions have improved the residency program in numerous ways.  They have been very active in process improvement including truly fostering collaboration, leading changes to the new curriculum, improving our residency processes around schedule changes and they have fully supported more close resident-residency communication.   I look forward to commenting on their specific strengths at residency graduation – but it should be said, they are all tremendously capable, highly skilled and immensely thoughtful people and I’ve so enjoyed learning from and growing with them through our work this year," said Meg L. Dobson , M.D., residency program director.