June 17, 2020

MDisability welcomes four disability health interns for summer 2020

Meet the 2020 cohort of MDisability Program summer interns. They are current undergraduates, rising medical students, and recent graduates interested in disability research and advocacy in medicine. 

Learn more about the MDisability Program, an initiative of the University of Michigan Department of Family Medicine.


Michael Casden is a 2019 graduate of the University of Michigan School of Kinesiology with a B.S. in Movement Science. Upon graduation, he remained in Ann Arbor to complete the one-year MEDPREP Postbac Program, where he became involved in the adaptive sports program. Michael's interests include increasing access to health promoting activities and healthcare for individuals with disabilities. He is thrilled to work with the MDisability team in achieving their mission for summer 2020. 
Sam Grewe
Sam Grewe is a rising senior at the University of Notre Dame, where he studies Science Preprofessional with plans to attend medical school in the fall of 2021.  Sam became involved with adaptive sports after a cancer diagnosis in 2012 led to the amputation of his right leg.  He quickly fell in love with track and field and is now enjoying his 5th year on the US Paralympic Track & Field team as a high jumper.  Sam is also a member of the Notre Dame track & field team.  Sam has earned many accolades as a Paralympic athlete, including 3-time world champion, Rio 2016 Silver Medalist, and world record holder.  Sam is thrilled to join the MDisability team in June, where he will assist in building and promoting fitness opportunities for the disabled community.  


Kaila Helm
Kaila Helm is a 2020 graduate from the University of Pennsylvania, where she studied the Biological Basis of Behavior with a language certification in ASL/Deaf Studies. Before matriculating to the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, she hopes to fill her gap year(s) with meaningful experiences one of which is joining the MDisability team as a summer intern. She is excited to explore ideas related to disability health research including the intersections of disability and race while advocating for Deaf and hard of hearing patients and is confident this opportunity will help her become a better hearing ally. 
 zoie sheets
Zoie Sheets is a first-year medical student and member of the Urban Medicine program at the University of Illinois at Chicago. She began medical school after pursuing her Masters of Public Health, with a focus on the barriers faced by those with disabilities when they need access to primary care. Now, her work focuses on creating curriculum and simulated patient models that can help break down stigma and improve physician attitudes toward people with disabilities. Additionally, Zoie is a member of the Meeks Research Lab, working to code and conduct thematic analysis on the #DocsWithDisabilities podcast. She is thrilled to be joining the MDisability program, and can’t wait to see the ways this program will continue to equip her to become a #DocWithDisabilities herself! 


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