June 10, 2022

Department of Family Medicine staff win big at the 44th Annual Michigan Family Medicine Research Day

Research faculty and clinical staff were recognized recently for outstanding work in a variety of areas including sexual and reproductive health; youth opinions of COVID-19 vaccines; accessibility for physicians with disabilities; and treatment approaches in the primary care setting to address unhealthy substance use.

Members of the University of Michigan’s Department of Family Medicine swept six out of 12 awards at the 44th Annual Michigan Family Medicine Research Day, which was held at the end of May. Hosted by Western Michigan University, the event provides an opportunity for Michigan-based family physicians showcase their research and applied practice experiences with their peers. Family Medicine’s winners were:

  • Best Oral Presentation: Care of Women and Children: U-M Medical School students Sophie Chatas and Aseel Haidar, for the presentation, “Development and Field Testing of My Health, My Choice: A contraceptive decision for patients with chronic conditions and their primary care providers.” They were mentored by Assistant Professor Justine Wu, M.D.
  • Best Oral Presentation: COVID-19: Family Medicine Resident Jacob Wasag, M.D., for the presentation, “National Study of Youth Opinions on Vaccination for COVID-19 in the U.S.” Wasag was mentored by Associate Professor Tammy Chang, M.D., MPH, M.S.
  • Best Oral Presentation: Health Equity: Family Medicine Resident Blake Arthurs, M.D., for the presentation, “Physicians Who Stutter: A Mixed Methods Study.” Arthurs was mentored by Faculty Member Lisa Meeks, Ph.D.
  • Best Oral Presentation: Patient Care: Family Medicine Resident Meredith Baumgartner, M.D., MPH, for the presentation, “The Annual Visit: An Important Point for Screening & Intervention for Unhealthy Substance Use in Primary Care.” Baumgartner was mentored by Associate Professor Golfo Tzilos Wernette, Ph.D.
  • Best Oral Presentation: Medical Education: Christopher Stoming, M.D. for the presentation, “Medical Student Education on Integrative Medicine: Qualitative Study on Clinical Elective Experience in Integrative Medicine.” Stoming was mentored by Assistant Professor Gregory Shumer, M.D.
  • Best Oral Presentation: Patient Care: Nadia Ilhardt, M.D., for the presentation, “Oral Amoxicillin Challenges for Low-Risk Penicillin Allergies in Primary Care.” Ilhardt was mentored by Assistant Professor Mikel Llanes, M.D.