January 31, 2023

U-M Represents at STFM’s Conference on Medical Student Education

The Society of Teachers of Family Medicine’s Conference on Medical Student Education drew family  medicine educators and learners from across the country. A large number of faculty, fellows, residents and medical students from the University of Medicine participated in the inspiring conference in New Orleans. 

Members of the Department contingent gave a number of presentations including:

  1. New Year, New Rules - Strategies for a Successful Match in Family Medicine in 2023 and Beyond.  Joel Heidelbaugh, Andrea MurawaSeema Mehta, et al…
  2. Navigating the Challenges of Creating a Novel Underserved Population Health Elective.  Alex Belakovskiy
  3. Use of Simulated Paging Cases During Residency Preparation Courses to Prepare Students for Internship.  Beth Jones, Alex Belakovskiy, Scott Kelley, Laura Kruger, Carol Shetty
  4. Strategies for Involving Medical Students in Residency Based Point of Care Ultrasound Training.  Scott Kelley, Sebastian Schoneich, Nicoll Capizzano
  5. Making the Grade: Four Schools Present Clerkship Grade Metrics and Discuss Challenges with Exams, Cutoffs, and Grade Distribution.  Alex Belakovskiy, Joel Heidelbaugh, et al…
  6. The Importance of Family Medicine Teaching Faculty Maintaining Procedural and Advanced Clinical Skills.  Joel Heidelbaugh, et al…..
  7. Musical Entertainment by the STFM Editors Band including  Joel Heidelbaugh and the rest of the Editors Band 
  8. A number of poster presentations.

Two individuals from the University of Michigan earned awards at the annual conference.  Aleksandr Belakovskiy, M.D., assistant professor, was recognized for completing the Medical Student Educators Faculty Development Institute Fellowship. And, Genevieve Mulligan, M4,received the STFM Medical Student Education Student Scholar award and scholarship.  Genevieve was mentored by Elizabeth K. Jones, M.D., assistant professor.

“Finally back to in-person, I was excited to see the level of departmental participation at this conference, not only from the presenters above but from the other faculty, fellows, students and residents who participated in the conference,” noted Eric P. Skye, M.D., professor and associate chair for education programs.