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Lorraine Buis, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, Family Medicine
October 14, 2020

Research finds mobile app system promoting at-home and clinical monitoring of hypertension can be effective at reducing patients’ blood pressure

BPTrack, a pharmacist-led, app-based intervention that allows patients with uncontrolled hypertension to monitor their own blood pressure and remotely share that data with the pharmacist, could serve as a feasible option in controlling a costly chronic disease that affects more than 116 million people in America and is a leading contributor to

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July 23, 2020

Assessment of Disclosure of Psychological Disability Among US Medical Students

A new survey of U.S. medical school disability offices reveals a potential 100x gap between the number of students who disclose and receive accommodations for psychological disabilities and the actual prevalence of conditions like depression and anxiety. Lisa Meeks and colleagues analyze the results and present factors contributing to low rates