Students and Trainees with Disabilities

See also: Disability Resource Professionals for resources that are not directed at students but may be helpful to students.

Accommodations, Assistive Technologies & Devices

Accommodating Students with Disabilities Enrolled in Medical and Health Science Programs
Great Lakes ADA Center Audio Conference

Assistive Technology Resources at the University of Michigan
A list of assistive technology tools is provided.

Disability Law 101: What Faculty Need to Know About Student Accommodations
This resource contains an overview of Disability Law provided by the AAMC.

Michigan Rehabilitation Services
A statewide network of vocational rehabilitation that provides individualized services.

The Big List: Resources for Grad Students with Disabilities
A guide for graduate students with disabilities that provides a vast pool of resources for pursuing a graduate education online.

University of Michigan Medical School Commitment to Support Students with Disabilities
“UMMS supports students with a wide range of disabilities. We want prospective and current students to know that if they need disability support, we have outstanding resources.”

University of Michigan Medical School Technical Standards
“UMMS students meet Technical Standards with or without accommodations.”

Webinar: Accommodating Students with Psychological Disabilities
Continuing the Conversation: Supporting Students with Psychological Disabilities in Medical School

Strategies/How to’s:

Apply for accommodations when taking the MCAT
“Our policies are guided by the Americans with Disabilities Act, as well as our mission to provide a valid exam while maintaining a level playing field for all test takers.”

Apply for accommodations when taking the GRE
Individuals may request reasonable accommodations through an online application.

Apply for accommodations when taking the DAT
A step-by-step guide to requesting accommodations for the DAT.

Disclose your disability and learn about disability rights
“Learn about disability rights and disclosure, find key resources, and read how the right school and employer can make a huge difference.”


American Psychological Association Disability Mentoring Program
“The mentoring program supports psychology students with disabilities, psychologists entering the field, and psychologists in the field who have acquired a disability.”

Autism Self Advocacy Network (ASAN)
“The Daniel Jordan Fiddle Foundation is excited to have funded and collaborated with the Autistic Self Advocacy Network on this cutting-edge project that is aimed to enhance the higher education experiences, and life beyond the university, for the diverse population of individuals on the autism spectrum and also for individuals who have other disabilities.”

DREAM: Disability Rights, Education, Activism, and Mentoring
“We strongly advocate for disability culture, community, and pride, and hope to serve as an online virtual disability cultural center for students who want to connect with other students.”

Generation Patient
“The Higher Education Student Support Network is a national support group through Generation Patient. This group is a collective of undergraduate and graduate students who come together virtually to support one another in navigating life with disabilities, including chronic and rare conditions.”

Medical Students with Disability and Chronic Illness
“MSDCI programs are designed to support and serve medical students with disability and/or chronic illness. We are committed to increasing accessibility of medical education for dedicated trainees of all abilities. MSDCI strives to improve health equity for patients with disabilities.”

Network of Academics with Disabilities and Chronic Conditions
“Our aim is to create a network of mutual support and resources for academics with disabilities and chronic conditions and to raise public awareness for our cause.”