Quantitative Training, Research and Analysis Core (QTRAC)

The Quantitative Training, Research and Analysis Core (QTRAC) aims to directly contribute to the research mission of DFM by assisting the departmental faculty in all tracks, trainees such as post-doctoral fellows, students/residents, and staff in quantitative research projects that support their professional development. Specifically, QTRAC provides: 

  • expertise for the overall development of internal and external grant proposals by crafting the plan for designing and testing the quantitative objectives
  • support in the aquisition and management of quantitative data for a research project that is generated from a funded proposal
  • analysis for funded and unfunded projects (as long as they support the departmental research mission) and assist in dissemination of the findings by collaborating on resulting manuscripts and conference presentations
  • training and mentorship to DFM faculty, students/residents, post-doctoral fellows, and staff 

Please reach out to Katie Grode (kgrode) for administrative support. Submit your request for project support. 



QTRAC Team Members

Yuhong Zhang

Research Data Manager

Dongru Chen

Statistician, Senior

Beatrice Palazzolo

Statistician, Intermediate

Katie Grode

Administrative Assistant Sr.