Research in Our Clinics

Because of our diverse patient populations, the Family Medicine clinics are in high-demand as research sites. Over the past 8 years, 35 studies have used the clinics to recruit, conduct study visits and complete questionnaires. 

If you would like to post research flyers, recruit patients, survey providers or staff, or use facilities for research activities at Briarwood Family Medicine, Chelsea Health Center, Dexter Family Medicine, Family Medicine at Domino's Farms, Livonia Health Center, Ypsilanti Health Center or the Walk-in Clinic, your study must be reviewed and approved by the Department of Family Medicine before you start any aspect of the study. Ideally, investigators should discuss the project with the Medical Director at the clinical site of interest (find Medical Director contact information here) or a Family Medicine research faculty member before ever submitting a grant or IRB application. 

To start the review and approval process to conduct research and/or post study flyers, you must complete one or both of the application forms found below. Further instructions for completing the applications are included with the forms.

Please send the completed form as well as the required documents for approval, to Mary Rapai, email: and/or by fax: 734-998-7335.

Demographics of Our Clinics

To get a snapshot of each clinic's demographics, click on the clinic site to see descriptive data, pulled from January 1-December 31, 2017:

Briarwood Family Medicine - Ann Arbor, MI

Total Patients: 12535
     Female: 7331
     Male: 5204
     Patients ages 0-18 years: 1727

Caucasian: 8803
African American: 1842
Asian: 902
American Indian or Alaskan Native: 32
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 196
Other: 421

Chelsea Health Center - Chelsea, MI

Total Patients: 11672
     Female: 6611
     Male: 5061
     Patients ages 0-18 years: 1345

Caucasian: 10979
African American: 203
Asian: 75
American Indian or Alaskan Native: 28
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 44

Other: 100

Dexter Health Center - Dexter, MI

Total Patients: 8384
     Female: 4875
     Male: 3509
     Patients ages 0-18 years: 1521

Caucasian: 7713
African American: 121
Asian: 183
American Indian or Alaskan Native: 16
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 54
Other: 78

Domino's Farms Health Center - Ann Arbor, MI

Total Patients: 9838
     Female: 5561
     Male: 4276
     Patients ages 0-18 years: 1376

Caucasian: 6379
African American: 745
Asian: 2084
American Indian or Alaskan Native: 21
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 106
Other: 172

Livonia Health Center - Livonia, MI

Total Patients: 5944
     Female: 3300
     Male: 2612
     Patients ages 0-18 years: 1091

Caucasian: 3450
African American: 586
Asian: 1547
American Indian or Alaskan Native: 14
Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 76
Other: 103

Ypsilanti Health Center - Ypsilanti, MI

Total Patients: 7550
     Female: 4584
     Male: 2966
     Patients ages 0-18 years: 1259

Caucasian: 3016
African American: 3310
Asian: 206
American Indian or Alaskan Native: 15 

Native Hawaiian and Other Pacific Islander: 213 

Other: 588

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is a Letter of Support (LOS)?

The Letter of Support is a key document in your research application. The LOS provides approval from the research site's Medical Director and details the clinic's support of your research. Details should include what the clinic will be providing, in terms of: space, personnel, labs, etc. The Letter of Support should either 1.) placed on clinic letterhead, dated and signed by the Medical Director or 2.) be a direct email from the Medical Director to Mary Rapai ( The LOS can be brief, but should 1.) name the study, 2.) state why the research is important, and 3.) list exactly what the clinic will be doing to support the research. Your study staff can write the letter for the Medical Director, but you must inform the Medical Director that they are welcome to edit or rewrite the LOS, at the Medical Director's discretion.

At what point should I start the application process?

The application(s) can be submitted anytime prior to the start of research, but please allow for enough time for approval. It is a good idea to start working on the application as soon as you receive your award notice.

What research is currently being conducted at your clinic sites? 

See a list of our clinics' active studies here.