Food Allergy Center

The Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center (MHWFAC) is the University of Michigan's food allergy research hub. Our faculty includes internationally known researchers in the field of immunology and eminent physicians from the Michigan Medicine Food Allergy Clinic. Designated by FARE as a Discovery Center of Distinction, the MHWFAC strives to improve the lives of food-allergic individuals by conducting comprehensive research that will significantly advance patient care, and to expand education, research, and services.


white lab mouse in gloved hand
June 28, 2024

MHWFAC research: Reprogramming the immune system

Two doses of allergen-encapsulating nanoparticles delivered intravenously prevented anaphylaxis during a food allergy test in mice, according to a study led by University of Michigan researchers.

The results, published in Advanced Healthcare Materials, offer a potential path to improving the ease of allergy immunotherapies in

June 27, 2024

Food allergy Q&A a hit at "Strolling Science"

Michigan Medicine allergy faculty fielded a steady stream of questions about the latest in food allergy research during a recent "Strolling Science" event at the Cranbrook Institute of Science in Bloomfield Hills.