June 5, 2020

MHWFAC offers monthly patient-focused webinars

Conversations with a Food Allergy Counselor:  Part II
Join us June 18 at 4pm ET via Zoom

At the University of Michigan food allergy clinic, licensed clinical social worker Kim Menzel is an integral member of the care team, meeting with patients and families to identify anxiety, fill gaps in food allergy knowledge, and develop coping strategies.

Expanding on the discussion from our popular May webinar, Ms. Menzel will offer more insight, skills building tips and stress management techniques related to the social and emotional aspects of living with food allergy.

Her message:  Learn to be careful, not fearful in managing food allergy stress.

Kids with food allergies and their parent coaches will learn how to: 

  • Unwind the worry knot
  • Drop fear-based thinking
  • Use calming self-talk 
  • Apply Mindfulness 101

All are welcome to attend this informative and reassuring session. Please click here to register via Zoom. 

The webinar will include the opportunity for live questions, but you are welcome to submit them in advance to mpreddy@med.umich.edu

Thanks to your enthusiastic feedback, we're planning a monthly online "third Thursday" series featuring Kim Menzel and guests ranging from nutrition experts to teen mentors to experts in school transitions for people coping with food allergy. 

Please help us spread the word to patients and families.  Those who register for this webinar will receive e-blasts about future "third Thursday" events. 

The Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center -- a nationally recognized biomedical research hub at the University of Michigan -- is proud to be the financial sponsor of the clinical social worker role at the health system's food allergy clinic.  As we strive to find new medical therapies and diagnostic tools, we understand that today's food allergy patients benefit from a holistic approach to treating this challenging condition.