December 3, 2020

MHWFAC boosts research staff at food allergy clinic

The MHWFAC has paved the way for a veteran food allergy nurse to join the Michigan Medicine Food Allergy Clinic as a clinical research coordinator.

Bridgette Kaul, RN, BSN, will work with patients who are participating in a study led by Charles Schuler, MD, one of the clinic physicians. 

Ms. Kaul, a familiar presence at the clinic, will collect samples such as blood and saliva from people who are undergoing oral food challenges – where they ingest potential allergens under medical supervision.  She’ll be responsible for documenting the process and entering samples into the laboratory system.

Dr. Schuler, the recipient of a pilot grant from the MHWFAC, is studying patient samples taken just before and after oral food challenges – looking for biomarkers that may lead to accurate, non-invasive ways to diagnose food allergy.

“Research is complicated and intense – I’m very excited to learn this facet of it,” said Ms. Kaul.  “I love the department and I love my patients, so this really is the best of both worlds.”