April 7, 2021

Webinar: The psycho-social aspects of peanut OIT

Join us April 15 from 1-2pm ET for a discussion of the desensitization process and what to know when considering it.

The first-ever FDA-approved oral immunothraphy for peanut allergy has been available in clinics for some months now.  Palforzia, as it's called, involves ingesting carefully calibrated doses of peanut protein to help the body desensitize and avert severe reactions. 

While the relief provided by OIT can be immense, so can the anxiety involved in the process, which takes approximately six months of following a disciplined regimen.  Food allergy counselor Kim Menzel and special guest Dr. Georgiana Sanders of the U-M Food Allergy Clinic will discuss the OIT process and take your questions live via Zoom.

All welcome; no charge to attend.  Click here for free registration.