July 14, 2023

Affected by food allergy? Researches want to interview you.

As part of an ongoing international study about access to mental health care for those affected by food allergy, researchers are seeking to interview adults with food allergy, and parents of children with food allergy. 

The study, Global Access to Psychological Services for Food Allergy (GAPS), seeks to develop approaches to filling the mental health care needs of those affected by food allergy.  

This study is headed by Dr. Rebecca Knibb at Aston University in collaboration with Dr. Chrissie Jones, Dr. Helen Brough, Dr. Linda Herbert, Mary Jane Marchisotto and centers in the United States, the United Kingdom, Europe and Canada.  Ms. Marchisotto is a well-known food allergy advocate and a consultant to the Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center (MHWFAC).

In Phase 1, researchers collected information about psychological distress and psychological health needs in patients with food allergy, and their families.  The survey also noted whether or not respondents had ever been referred to a psychologist or other provider. More than 2,000 people from around the world responded. 

Now, the study's investigators are seeking participants for a next-level survey that will ask about psychological health needs in greater detail. 

To learn more,  please click [https://astonpsychology.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_cJbC8tezYD48pxA] if you are an adult with food allergy.

If you are a parent of caregiver of a child age 17 or younger, please click here: [https://astonpsychology.eu.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_4PzfRFYF75hb27k

To view video presentations about previous phases of this study, explained by Dr. Herbert and Ms. Marchisotto, click here and here.