Outreach & Advocacy

Researchers and clinicians at the Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center work relentlessly behind the scenes to raise awareness and advocate on behalf of patients and the pressing need for better understanding of this disease and safe treatment options for all families affected.

Moving Food Allergy to the Center of the Conversation

On a national level, we are:

On a state level, we are:

On a local level, we are:

  • Advocating for clear labeling of food in all University of Michigan dining halls to prevent cross-contamination and accidental exposure to food allergens.
  • Creating guidelines for housing accommodations for students with food allergy.
  • Requesting that all dining halls on campus stock epinephrine injectors in case of emergency.
  • Developing an undergraduate course on food allergy for University of Michigan biology majors.

On a personal level, we are:

  • Offering psychiatric social worker services to food-allergic patients to help them cope with the complexities of their disease.

“The thing I love about working on food allergy is the commitment and the advocates in the community. As a basic scientist, I could sit in the lab and go my whole career without having interactions with the general public who are directly affected by the thing I am trying to work on and cure. When I meet people who are directly affected by food allergy, they are so excited and interested in what I am doing, and that really gives me extra motivation. It makes a tremendous difference.”

Jessica O'Konek, Ph.D., Mary H. Weiser Food Allergy Center
A girl in the supermarket with her mom

To learn more about our events and how you and your family may want to get more involved, contact Allyson Mlynarek via [email protected].