Social Work

Medical Social Work

Patients at the Geriatrics Center Clinics have access to social work services, starting with the first visit. Social workers take part in the multi-disciplinary assessment; identify unmet needs and barriers to following your health care provider’s recommendations; supplement your medical visits with additional education about chronic illness and disease processes and what to expect; strategize with you about ways to adapt/cope with changes; offer information and screening for persons with concerns related to alcohol and/or medications; and assist with information and referral to a variety of community resources. Patients may contact the social work office for coaching, guidance and support at 764-2556.

Information and Referrals to Community Resources

Call the Geriatrics Center Social Work and Community Programs first! You do not need to be a current patient in the Geriatrics Center Clinics to contact us. Our staff is knowledgeable and ready to help you with information and referrals regarding:

  • Community resources
  • Memory loss, depression and other health problems
  • Assistance for local and long distance caregivers: Call the Social Work Department at (734) 764-2556 or Turner Senior Resource Center at (734) 998-9353.

Counseling Services

Although older adults have great strength that may be called upon in times of need, sometimes painful events in the past, dissatisfaction in the present, or worries about the future may keep them from enjoying life or achieving their goals. Those who could benefit from individual and/or group counseling may be:

  • Feeling depressed or anxious• Adjusting to illness
  • Experiencing stress in their families or social situations
  • Having marital or relationship problems • Grieving • Worrying about the care/well-being of an older adult
  • Experiencing caregiving stress

Counselors at the Geriatrics Center are licensed clinical social workers trained in geriatrics and cultural competency. They work closely with physicians and psychiatrists to provide care which takes into consideration the variety of health problems of individual clients.

Scheduling and Paying for Appointments

Call (734)764-2556 for an initial telephone interview with a counselor to determine what service may best meet your needs and preferences for counseling.

Counseling services at Geriatrics Center Clinics may be reimbursed by Medicare and other insurances. Co-payments may be covered by an individual's secondary insurance carrier. It is the patient’s responsibility to confirm his or her coverage.

Assistance Programs

A variety of programs are available for eligible patients at the Geriatrics Center Clinics, such as helping patients access prescription assistance programs and emergency funds. Please ask for information from a social worker at (734) 764-2556, or your Geriatrics Center physician.

Medicare/Medicaid Assistance Program

Trained volunteers from Catholic Social Services provide individual assistance to older adults with questions about Medicare, supplemental health insurance, prescription insurance, Medicaid, medical bills and long-term care insurance. There is no charge for this assistance. Appointments are scheduled Tuesdays between 9:30 and 12:30 pm at the Turner Senior Resource Center. Call (734) 764-2556 to schedule an appointment.

Groups & Workshops

The Social Work and Community Programs team offers ongoing and time-limited groups and workshops to provide information and support on a variety of age-related concerns. Click on Turner Senior Wellness Program newsletter for a list of groups, meeting locations, dates/times.

Make a Donation

Social Work and Community Programs are proud to be part of the Geriatrics Center at the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health System, which provides substantial support. Yet to cover the full cost of these community services, we rely on gifts, donations, grants, and contracts. To help us continue the important work we do with older adults in our community and to make a gift to any of the Social Work and Community Programs, please click here.

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