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**To reduce the spread of COVID-19 and risk to the older people we serve, Silver Club has suspended all programs for the time being.  Please check this page for updates or feel free to call 734.998.9352 for more information.**

Click HERE for Silver Club COVID-19 Resources

Greetings from Silver Club!

Closing our doors temporarily due to COVID-19 has been a challenge for our member families, staff, and volunteers. While this is in the best interest of everyone’s health, we miss interacting with our members in person. Despite these obstacles, staff are finding new and innovative ways to stay connected and to provide support:

  • Moderate/Day Enrichment Program- We are providing daily (M-F 11am) virtual/interactive programming (includes music, trivia, fitness and much more).
  • Mild Memory Loss Programs- Elderberry, Mindworks, and Chelsea Coffeehouse are all meeting virtually or over the phone.
  • Peer Support Program- Member families can provide their phone number and emails to be added to a database to encourage friendly calls and connections.
  • Check in Calls- Our dedicated staff are calling member families at least weekly to provide emotional support and assess for needs.
  • Covid 19 Resource List- Visit Silver Club’s website for a resource list with information on local resources, virtual support groups, activities to do at home etc.
  • New Weekly Newsletter- An electronic newsletter has been created to provide an update on upcoming programming as well as other fun content.

Silver Club staff continue to work from home without the program’s normal income. If you would like to gift a donation in lieu of your program fees, you can do so on our website.

We are aware that there are many individuals with memory loss in the community (non-members) who could benefit from engaging in our free virtual activities as well. Please email for more information, or click here to view a recording of one of our activities.

My greatest wish is that everyone stays safe and healthy. I look forward to all of us coming together to celebrate the reopening of Silver Club when it is safe to do so. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us for support, resources, or a friendly ‘hello.’


Shannon Etcheverry, LMSW

Director, Silver Club Memory Programs


Since 1998, Silver Club Programs have been providing meaningful and engaging activities for families in our community living with dementia. We have experienced many wonderful moments together – enjoying life, sharing memories, and having fun. We provide a safe, nurturing environment for older adults with memory loss or other cognitive changes. Memory loss is not a death sentence, and the atmosphere at Silver Club is lively, warm and social. This is a place to make friends and enjoy discussions, play fun cognitive games, create art and music (click here to see members' art), and other innovative activities, tailored to different needs. We strive to improve the memory, motivation, mood and overall well-being of our members.

Mild Memory Loss Programs
Several programs are specifically designed for individuals experiencing mild memory loss, mild cognitive impairment, early stage Alzheimer’s or other forms of dementia. Click to read more.

Moderate Memory Loss – Silver Club Enrichment Program
We offer the Silver Club day enrichment program for older adults with moderate memory loss, where members enjoy a structured day of activities. Click to read more.


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Shannon Etcheverry, LMSW

Director, Silver Club Programs
2401 Plymouth Rd., Suite C
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