Connected Companions

The Connected Companions Program, a part of the Turner Senior Wellness Program, is a friendly visitor program that strives to provide companionship to older adults in the greater Washtenaw County area. This program is passionate about making a difference in senior’s lives by bringing people together to form meaningful relationships.

Friendly Visit Options

  • Calls 
  • In person at the Turner Senior Resource Center
  • New option - In home (upon meeting requirements) 

Or a mixture of a few options! 

Whether you are talking on the phone, meeting on ZOOM, or meeting in person, it is our aim to make sure you have a companion during isolating times!


As a volunteer, you’ll be making regular phone calls or visits to older individuals in our community. Volunteers must register through Michigan Medicine to begin volunteering. Once registration process is complete, volunteers have the flexibility to choose how many hours (and when) they would like to volunteer! We hope that our program can be a life-changing experience for you too! 

Meet some of our volunteers!

Connected Companions

“Volunteering for Connected Companions helps me make new friends.”- Connie




 "Being new to Ann Arbor, this program has been a great way to get involved and get connected to local community members." – Corey


 "I joined Connected Companions after working in a senior living community the summer of my junior year. Many of the elderly folks I interacted with were away from family who only visited on occasion, leading to them becoming quite lonely. I wanted to help others that similarly felt lonely in their old age and Connected Companions has offered me the perfect opportunity to do so!” -Faris


 "Connected Companions is a way for me to give back to my community, and to connect with people outside of the college bubble.” - Dina 



Are you feeling lonely? Give the Connected Companions program a try! Receive regular calls or visit with one of our friendly volunteers. Our volunteers are eager to connect with you and offer friendly conversation and companionship.

Contact Us

[email protected]  |  (734) 998-9353